New and ancient words about ancestors

Never born, never dead, the ancestors abandoned a dress, but their soul is among us, it is within us.

If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all the generations of your ancestors, everyone is alive right now, everyone is present in your body, you are the continuation of each of these people.

Thich Nhat Hanh

“Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God gives you.

Bible, Exodus 20:12

The dead are extremely sensitive to the speeches people make about them, as well as to the thoughts and feelings that people experience for them, the souls of disembodied beings. ………. So let the dead go away silently in those places where they should go. Your parents, your friends, do not cling to them, do not hold them with your pain and your suffering and, above all, do not try to call them and communicate with them: you will disturb them and hinder them on their journey to freedom. Pray for them, send them your love, think that they are freed and that they will rise more and more in the Light. If you really love them, you know that you will be with them one day. This is the truth . How many times have I already said: where is your love, one day you will be too.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

“Let people stop bragging about their ancestors, one is just a devoted believer or a miserable sinner, all men are children of Adam and Adam came from the dust.”

The prophet Muhammad

“The dead are invisible but not absent beings, we do not see them because we are wrapped in a dark cloud, while they are in the light and they see us, their eyes full of joy are fixed on ours, full of tears. We are close to us, happy, transfigured. “


If your family is in harmony, you will succeed in anything.

Chinese proverb

My quotes, recommendations and suggestions:
The essence of genealogy is to contemplate a story, without judgment, with a compassionate attitude.
Genealogy is not a list of names: genealogy is a path to awareness. A good genealogical work is not measured by the quantity of names in the tree, but by the good attitude of the researcher and the descendant. Never speak ill of dead people, never blame your ancestors! If you do, you will cut the protection line and the celestial nourishment you have with them, you will feel very lonely and sad. If instead you cultivate gratitude, respect and a tender compassion for them, even if they have made mistakes, you will have many angels in heaven, ready to support you, to protect you and to support many smiles in your life.

When you build a good family tree, you might understand that you have so many relatives that your considering yours as your brothers and sisters is more than a poetic utopia: it’s just reality.

When looking for ancestors, keep your mind free from greed, anger or other poor thoughts: get ready to enter a garden full of different flowers: keep a light step, a grateful mind and a slight smile on your face.

Search for your ancestors with the best attitude, then, at least once in your life, visit their village, walk their streets, breathe in the air that breathes, meet the faces of their descendants: you will feel one with the Whole, part of the universe and a beautiful feeling of peace and reconciliation will fill your heart.

Don’t be greedy to find your relatives just because they have the same last names as yours: if you go to your ancestors’ village, most of the people you see on the street or at the bar are your relatives. Be happy and pleased with those who naturally will come to you.

When you go to visit your ancestors’ village, bring something to donate to that place: even a small donation to the church or volunteer associations will mean a lot to them and to you.

I suggest you prepare a small space in your home, where you can honor your ancestors: the family tree map, some photos, some objects: a little temple, simple and well cared for. Every time you walk in front, you can bow and say a few words to thank them and honor them.