A unique method that clarifies the dynamics of your family for generations. By shining light on the past, you bring peace to the present, mental and physical stability, you start to heal your love relations.

You and I, face to face, online or personally, in a meeting.  We openly get to know the history of your family, in a dialogue carried out in an atmosphere of respect and spiritual connection.

You might already have a detailed family tree. Or you might not. The work can be done in any case.

You will share with me what you know about your ancestry and I will help you see and understand the lines that need to be enlightened, the actions that can fill the missing links, the rituals that can change your reality.

We shall consider the events of your family history: names, dates, places, professions, connections, migrations, etc. and I will guide you in finding the best way to heal gaps, attachments and faults. Simple rituals and goodhearted actions will be part of the solution.


You can prepare your family tree beforehand with the information you already know. If you write to me, I will send you a template that can be helpful in this. If you already have a family tree, you can think to improve it in the meantime or you can just browse through it again, in the time before we meet online.

Choose a comfortable and peaceful environment that allows you to be in a relaxed state and make sure you have time available even after the session is over. The meeting, although almost always dialectical and spoken, takes place in a quiet atmosphere, and will include a brief meditation. Bring photos of ancestors with you, if you have them, pen and paper.

There will be three parts to our sessions. First, some short breathing exercises for the right frame of mind. Second, we shall go through your tree, pointing out the “inheritance” and repetitive patterns, and I will give you my suggestions. Third, a short meditation. It is a unique approach, designed by me over many years of experience in different disciplines and  20 years of professional genealogy. Ready to walk? It will be a beautiful journey, I will walk you through a meaningful path of  family harmonization.

What do we do in the session

  • We enter a special atmosphere and state, which is already a healing experience.
  • We analyze together your family tree (you can already have one or we can make it together).
  • We consider the weak lines and the repeating facts or systems.
  • I will suggest you the healing actions you can do to complete the work and the healing process:
  • Mindfulness and meditation exercises.

What we don't do

  • we don’t do a psychotherapy session
  • we don’t do a family constellation
  • we don’t do magic nor spiritism
  • we don’t talk to souls
  • we don’t gossip about families


This unique project combines genealogy and theater.  Through appropriate preparation, that combines elements of Qigong and expressiveness, we reach a state in which it is possible, by pure intuition and creativity, to “cleanse” ourselves of any mental conditioning, and we are capable of creating a fantasy family tree.

The newly discovered genealogy within us, apparently disconnected from reality, is indeed very relevant and real, because in the free and playful environment of the theater, the most hidden aspects of our heart and soul can be explored and, therefore, illuminated. We elevate our soul through imagination, and the result can only be immense joy, energy and a great sense of freedom, that we will carry on within ourselves into our “regular” lives.


One time session: 45 euros

4 meeting package:  One meeting per month, with homework and assistance via email. This is the best way to follow up and to update continuously the process: 160 euros

Ancestheater (1h 30 m):  60 euros.


Never born, never dead, the ancestors abandoned their shells, but their souls are deep within us, never leaving our side.

If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all the generations of your ancestors; everyone is alive right now, everyone is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.


Based on previous classical studies (Latin, Ancient Greek and Human Studies), I started working on my family tree.

After studying History at the University of Venice, I continued with genealogical research in a professional manner. I have been doing this for 20 years, being a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Over the years, I have come into contact and studied the stories of hundreds of families in almost all regions of Italy and in neighboring Istria and Dalmatia.

I accompanied many descendants, mostly North Americans and Australians, on their way to discover the land of their ancestors, by organizing meetings and paths of knowledge for them. I have thoroughly researched the perspective that genealogy gives in different cultures and how it is perceived as a field of study. Furthermore, an essential part of my training is a long journey in learning and teaching Qigong.


3 days of intense work. Three very interesting days. You managed to pull out so much from me. You managed to make me give a name to my character ... I really enjoyed the genealogical research .. it made Filippo (the character, ed) meeting and getting to know people who he never bothered to look for ... and each with his own character and its peculiarities helped it to find its identity, its size, its personality and its location in the general context. G. C.

They were three intense days, indescribable emotions. As I went forward I was excited, I enjoyed it and I laughed heartily. You put me in a good mood every day, I felt at home. Working with my hands, I learned new things about my body that I didn't know, like when wearing a garment I discovered the character and origins of my character. Thank you for having so much patience and giving me a bit of your experience... G.M. 

I had the pleasure of participating twice in the “Garden of the Ancestors”  seminar in places and with different people. In both situations I noticed Iuri’s great professionalism, his ability to put people at ease with simplicity and serenity. Thanks to this characteristic, everyone shared their family stories, discovering how to reconstruct them and remembering anecdotes. Beautiful, useful and exciting meetings. Thanks Iuri! L.A.

I had the pleasure of attending the I meeting and seeing the professionalism of Iuri Silvestri. I arrived driven by the simple curiosity to know something about my ancestors; but thanks to the preparation of Iuri I realized that there was much more to discover … things that belonged to me and that I had never considered before that … I left the meeting with a heart full of gratitude and a beautiful feeling of belonging to the inexhaustible flow of life .. I thank Iuri Silvestri also for all the precious suggestions to bring harmony and peace to my daily life. M.F.

Your seminar (ancesteather) was very interesting, it made me understand even better the roots and importance of our roots. R.G.

It was nice to reconstruct the genealogical tree of the character, I feel it strengthened with a family behind me, maybe before I felt it insignificant ....... Thank you Iuri for your professionalism. F.

The days spent with the seminar with you and the group, have been, to say the least, instructive and full of many things, which they have filled up enriching the way I am doing. I think it is a beautiful experience, made by a person with a unique availability and a kind heart …… You have been able to give, offering you the most of your wonderful abilities. Thank you very much Iuri!!!! D.

I found Iuri professional and competent. He knows how to deal with sometimes delicate subjects with extreme delicacy, it was a nice journey to discover my ancestors. I hope there will be a new seminar soon! L.

Truly a beautiful encounter those that happen so suddenly without having looked for it, which enrich you and project you into a new dimension. A few hours were enough, a real full immersion with a great teacher, where professionalism and competence allow you to experience how you can find the energy and silence of your body that lead to well-being. Especially as every part of our body is connected to every vital part of it. Heartfelt thanks Iuri for everything you have given me. R.M.G.

The days spent with the seminar with you and the group, have been, to say the least, instructive and full of many things, which they have filled up enriching the way I am doing. I think it is a beautiful experience, made by a person with a unique availability and a kind heart …… You have been able to give, offering you the most of your wonderful abilities. Thank you very much Iuri !!!! D.

..thanks to you, I'm more determined, concentrated and energetic...and what about the joy I felt in discovering a new family. Thank you. K.

What a delightful experience. Iuri intentionally opened and closed the session and created a safe space in between to explore my needs around ancestral healing. He was attentive to my history through questions and reviewing my family tree beforehand. It felt like he cared about what I was there for, and he supported me. He was also an attentive listener, linking together different things I shared about my history and what I was looking to accomplish. My favorite thing was the tactical takeaways. He provided wonderful tips / ideas to celebrate my ancestors and to expand my family tree. Grateful for this experience! "Sometimes the children cannot solve the problem. The grandchildren can."   Priscilla

This was a beautiful experience. I was pleasantly surprised by Iuri's technique and perspective on building a family tree. I left with plenty of ideas from Iuri for which I can continue to build on my tree, and keep it alive for years to come with my children. Danielle

I've never had an experience like this, and I found it truly enlightening. Iuri showed great professionalism and humanity. I believe that sooner or later everyone should open up to these topics, because they can make us understand many dynamics of one's life and of oneself as well as family members. Angela

The experience with Iuri was given to me by my husband and I loved it. Iuri made me feel at ease and this allowed me to be immediately very serene. I will certainly deepen all the inputs that Iuri has given me and it is possible that I will ask for his help again for this research I am doing. Highly recommended. Massimiliano and Francesca

This was a very special experience that I got to enjoy with my sister. Iuri has given us a new perspective on genealogy and importance of exploring ones ancestral roots. I recommend this beautiful bonding experience. Alma

Iuri is such a kind man with so much knowledge about his subject. I really love his explanation of taking ancestry to the roots and healing not only for yourself but others. I will definitely practice what he has taught me. Thank you Iuri!  Lauren

This was an extraordinary experience for me. I did not expect to end up with such an amazing information from Iuri. I look forward to meeting you soon to help me building up the picture even further. Madalina

This was a life changing experience. Not only was he able to see and verbalize patterns of my family history he was able to so articulately put the pieces of the puzzle together with such crystal clear clarity. His insight was spot on, and intuition was incredible. It was a truly lovely experience that I will be forever grateful for. If you are looking to learn more about your heritage, patterns of previous generations, and how they may be impacting you currently while releasing judgement, pain, and fear...this is the experience for you. He makes it so easy to comprehend, with a beautiful opening and closing meditation and breathing exercises so you begin and leave grounded and at peace. A truly amazing experience. Kimberly

I had a wonderful experience with Iuri. His knowledge of genealogy is fantastic and he is a very kind person. I loved some of the suggestions he made for me to further my family research and get a deeper connection with my ancestors. He also gave some wonderful ideas to start sharing family history with my daughter. Highly recommended if you have even a tiny interest in your family tree! Kim

Beautiful experience!  Arianna

Extraordinary! Olabisi

Iuri definitely knows what he is doing. I really enjoyed the session with him, highly recommend! Joaquin

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